Businesses will occasionally have disputes which they aren't able to resolve on their own. The disputes may involve other businesses, vendors, customers, their own employees, independent contractors, the government, or others. In addition to the normal considerations about possible outcomes, costs, and settlement approaches, businesses often have other concerns such as the impact of a lawsuit on the day to day operation of the business, how much employee and officer time will have to be devoted to the lawsuit, will a lawsuit affect valuable relationships with customers or others. These issues should be addressed at the outset of the dispute so that the client can choose the course that is best for its future success. 

We understand the many aspects of business litigation, such as the importance and likely interpretations of contracts, the potential precedent that can be established (favorable and unfavorable) by litigating, the cost in productivity to a company in litigating, the potential effects of litigation on the company’s business and their clients, insurance ramifications, the impact of publicity, the realistic paths to resolution, the pros and cons of arbitration and mediation, the ramifications of a public trial (both good and bad), and the variety of creative resolutions to end the most contentious disputes.