The Creative’s Counsel® is your outside counsel - you heard that right, there is no need to be a Fortune 500 company to have your very own outside counsel. The Creative’s Counsel® was formed to serve businesses who think creatively and is involved in business development, day-to-day matters and disputes. We are grounded in equality, inclusivity and serving our community, while embracing creativity and approaching client matters with preemptive thinking and problem solving, top of mind.

We work, so that you can dream.


You may wonder, “If they focus on general litigation, how do they know anything about the creative industry?”

Wynne’s mother is a Grammy-winning composer and Wynne grew up immersed in the creative industry. Wynne began working at a high-end floral design company during college and planned events for 6 years before starting La vie Charmé Events, LLC, a boutique event planning company, which she sold in 2016.

While she loves planning, her true joy is providing legal help for creatives so that they can pursue their passions.


The Creative's Counsel® is built on the model of, “We work so you can dream." We’re able to provide large firm experience in a boutique firm setting, making legal counsel more accessible. For us, it isn't about the money, it’s about helping entrepreneurs feel secure while they are pursuing their dreams.

Whether you're embarking on a new business venture or growing your existing business, we can help you navigate the complex legal landscape. We'll work with you from the big picture down to the daily details, so that you can form and operate your business correctly and confidently.


  • Business law, but you knew that and what does it really include?

    • Business law is broad, you’ve got that right! We handle most matters pertaining to your business, and if we cannot, we have broad connections and know who to call or where to direct you.

    • We handle one-off business matters for some clients, and act as outside general counsel for even more!

    • An outside general counsel is an attorney who is not an employee but who brings the experience and knowledge necessary to handle a broad array of legal and business matters whenever needed, without the expense of having a full-time attorney on staff. For these clients, when you call we will know the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your business, which brings familiarity and comfortability that blind-calling an attorney just can’t offer.

  • Intellectual Property (Trademark, Copyright and Trade Dress)

    • Advising on use and enforcement.

    • Advising on Fair Use.

    • Knockout Searches and Clearance Opinions.

    • Trademark registrations and subsequent communication.

    • Cease and Desist and/or Demand Letters.

    • Trademark and Copyright License and/or Sale Agreements.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Disputes (Business, Insurance, Injury)

  • Real Estate

    • Many of our clients have come to us to draft the real estate documents necessary to sell and buy property, especially when they aren’t involving a realtor.

  • Mediation and Arbitration

    • We have a wonderful team of neutrals who can step in for formal mediation or arbitration, or when you just need a 3rd person in the room because you don’t have an HR department and a dispute arises.


Wynne has had a very successful company in the hospitality industry, so she knows many of the challenges facing business owners. Because of her experiences, she can help small to medium-sized businesses with their needs, such as choosing an appropriate business entity, drafting contracts, addressing copyright and trademark issues, identifying employment issues and other matters that arise on a regular basis.

Learn more about our small business legal offerings here.


We welcome all entrepreneurs and dreamers alike! Below you will find just a glimpse at the types of businesses we work with:

  • Photographers

  • Wedding & Event Planners

  • Videographers

  • Stationers

  • Jewelers

  • Catering Companies

  • Makeup and Hair Artists

  • Bridal Boutiques

  • Florists

  • Bakeries

  • Restaurants / Food Vendors

  • Digital Marketing and Design Agencies

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Marketing Agencies

  • PR Agencies

  • Social Media Marketing Agencies

  • Custom Spray Tanning Artists

  • Digital Entrepreneurs

  • Private Chefs

  • Illustrators

  • Farmers

  • Bloggers

  • Yoga Studios

  • Life Coaches

  • Business Coaches

  • Clothing Designers

  • Artists

  • Crafting Workshops

  • Brick & Mortar Stores