Jim has been involved in insurance litigation, involving most types of insurance policies. He has represented clients in cases involving general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, construction defect insurance, life insurance, property and business interruption insurance and directors and officers liability insurance. Jim has also represented clients in many insurance subrogation cases involving fires, explosions, collapses and other catastrophes.

Insurance policies are contracts with a lot of language that is often looked at closely for the first time, after a loss occurs. Since policies have to be written in general language to apply to all sorts of losses, questions sometimes come up as to whether a loss is covered by the language in the policy, whether an exclusion in the policy applies, what is the proper measurement of loss and many other questions.

Jim has been involved in trials involving what constitutes an occurrence under a policy, the number of occurrences, trigger of coverage, allocation of coverage, defense duties and reimbursement, policy conditions, policy exclusions, apportionment, occurrence versus claims made policies, self insured retentions and captive policies, exhaustion of coverage and more.