Jonica Carr

Civil Rights Title VI Coordinator for State Government


Currently consulting on matters. Accepting mediation matters, Fall 2019.

Jonica has a strong passion for serving the community through her work and understanding of the law. She has experience working with victims of domestic violence for a non-profit organization and recognizes the importance of being adaptable and communicating effectively and tactfully. As a discrimination complaint investigator at the state government level, Jonica understands the need for unbiased, respectful fact-finding in an area that often involves heightened emotions and complex relationships. As a mediator, Jonica believes that creating an environment that allows for a safe, resolution-focused discussion is the key to having a productive mediation.

Jonica has a Juris Doctorate from University of St. Thomas School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Minnesota.

Practice Areas | Civil Rights; Regulatory Compliance; Construction; Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action; Human Resources; Local, State, and Municipal Government; and Tribal Employment.